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Accepting God's Purpose for Your Writing

Accepting God's Purpose for Your Writing

Embracing the Call

More than 90 percent of aspiring novelists will never complete their novels. That statistic has been circulating for many years and has become a widely held belief among many. Whether accurate or flawed, I believe that the overall sentiment that it's challenging to become a published author (although easier now than ever) is true.

As impressive as the desire for authorship may be, it is equally challenging for those aspiring to conquer this task. As a blog that centers on the Christian worldview and perspective, when you merge your passion for writing with your faith in Christ, the book that is brewing within you transforms from a personal aspiration to a divine calling or assignment inspired by the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, intended to glorify God.

Whether you're a seasoned writer or just starting on your journey, writing is more than a mere skill—it's a calling.

Seeking Guidance

Before putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, it's crucial to seek God's guidance. As Christian writers, we are not merely crafting stories for our own gratification; we are vessels for His message. Take time to prayerfully consider your writing endeavors. Ask God to reveal His intentions for your work and to guide your words with His wisdom and grace.

Clarify God's Purpose

As you embark on your writing journey, it's essential to clarify your purpose. Who is your intended audience? What message has God placed on your heart? When do you hope to complete your writing assignment? How will your work glorify God? By answering these questions with prayerful discernment, you can align your writing with God's purpose and direction.

Overcoming Obstacles

Writing isn't always easy. From writer's block to self-doubt, obstacles can threaten to derail our creative endeavors. However, as Christians, we can approach these challenges with faith and resilience. Remember that God equips those He calls, and He will provide the strength and inspiration you need to overcome any obstacle that stands in your way.

Colossians 3:23-24

God's Timing

In a world that values instant gratification, patience can be a challenging virtue to cultivate. However, as Christian writers, we must trust in God's timing. His plans are perfect, and He knows the ideal season for your words to be shared with the world. Surrender your timeline to Him, trusting that He will bring your writing to fruition in His perfect timing.

Writing for His Glory

Ultimately, our writing should be an act of worship—a way to glorify God and share His love with others. Whether you sell one book or one million books, your heart posture should remain one of humility and obedience. By aligning your writing with God's purpose, you can make an eternal impact through your words.


In conclusion, as Christian writers, we have a unique opportunity to partner with God in sharing His message with the world. By accepting His purpose for our writing and seeking His guidance every step of the way, we can transform our aspirations into divine assignments. So, whether you're writing devotionals, poetry, or Christian fiction, remember to write with faith. Know that your words have the power to touch hearts and glorify God.


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